The LampPost System
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Now Available on a Rental/Trial basis:
LampPost System
Style No. L-21
Sale Price: $199.00
18 lbs. L99.5" x W12"
Each LampPost is 8 feet long in it's storage and transport mode, and easily extends to 15 feet long for 8, 10 or 12 foot walls.

Just four screws hold the LampPost in place.
Two in the top wall bracket/clamp and two in the foot/anchor,
which swivels to accomodate both concrete and wood floors.

The sliding bracket/clamp adjusts to most all set wall tops.
With the use of the optional Pipe Adapter, the LampPost functions
as a unique lighting system that can span across and above sets
to reach more difficult and precise angles of light source. 

Offset Arm: with grip friendly Baby-Pin for Toppers.

Optional Equipment: Offset Arm  $28.00

 Pipe Support Adapter: Cheesebourough w/Jr Pin

Optional Equipment: Adapter  $28.00

Why send a whole Grip crew out in the dangerous "O-Zone" to hang Pipe (which will probably not end up being the proper height you envisioned anyway), when the LampPost System can adjust safely from the floor? Wood or Concrete Slab floors can both be accomodated by the unique design of these stable supports and, best of all: They're easily adjustable from 8 to 15 feet high!

LampPost's are not only a time saver, but also an excellent tool.
Try them the next time you use a warehouse stage.

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