Set Lighting: New Clamps

Backstage presents some new Innovations for Grip and Set Lighting Technicians:

The "TOMAHAWK" :  Can be used by both Grips & Electricians as wall clamps on the Vertical or Horizontal 1" x 3" framing used on most all standard Motion Picture Studio set walls. Instead of using a standard "Baby Pin Plate" on top of set walls, you'll appreciate the ease and convenience of this handy new clamp with a built in riser.

Style No. T-18
Sale Price: $ 45.00

Comes with 18" Baby Pin Riser
Optional 36" Riser

For Lamps or Grip Flags!
No Screw-Gun; No Hammers; And No Noise!
With this new wall clamp you only have to go up the ladder once! Mount an Inky, Tweeny, Baby or Hot Junior on the 18" adjustable riser and you've got everything you need. Now, you can RIG or STRIKE sets even while the company is shooting on the same stage. 
Great for Rigging Lamps OR Setting Flags on standard 1"x 3" framed set walls. 

The "G" Clamp: Fits & snugs up tight to anything!

2x4s, lumber up to 14",Pipes, Rails, you name it...

With the Crook Stem & 5/8" Pin on each end it's adaptable to just about any position you can imagine. Add lamps or grip arms for cutters and flags from the green beds or  "wild-wall" sets.

  6" G-Clamp with 16" Goose Neck $ 75.00
12" G-Clamp with 16" Goose Neck $ 80.00
18" G-Clamp with 16" Goose Neck $ 85.00

Backstage is also now  proud to introduce the new "LampPost System".
As used on the popular show "Sabrina The Teenage Witch", it's the quick & easy answer to the problem facing the Cameraman, Gaffer and Crew as to getting the source of light where it's needed on today's motion picture sets.
Innovative and new, it's the long over due solution to lighting 3 camera sitcoms and any motion picture set with little or no hanging-bed scaffolding and limited space.

Come on in for a demo

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